• Desini the warrior princesss arrived, much to Imbasa dismay
  • Visit to Nkechi, Pearl was good, now he want's a full feather from the Stormbird
  • Ishirou's body was hauled back to the city, waiting resurrection
  • Group ventured to location described Nkechi to find the Stormbird
  • As they arrived in the evening, they found the nest, Glendemick flew to find a feather
  • Upon returning back the Stormbird attacked Glendemick but he managed to flee into the canopy of the jungle and to safety, party withdrew from the nest quietly
  • Next morning returning to city, they were stopped by a group of Ijo warriors demanding the feather as tribute for trespassing on sacred ground, a fight ensued which the Ijo did not win
  • Group returned to Nkechi where he gladly accepted the gift again and the invited the party in
  • Nkechi held a ritual where Imbasa and Desini went to a dream like state and encountered a serpent, which they fought off successfully
  • Nkechi agreed to be their guide and the group returned to Eleder where they expected to see a ready caravan to depart
  • Amivor notified that their horses were stolen and it will take a day or two to get more but urged the party to head out as they are the trailblazers. Party was given a messaging stone that allows sending a msssage to desired person within a certain distance.


  • Messaging stone

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