• The party examines the small hill with the bodies
  • Eugene dodges a bottle of exploding liquid from a armoured woman
  • A large fight ensues when the full blown ambush is triggered against the party from invisible enemies
  • The fight is complicated by arrival of several Ankhegs that attack both parties
  • The armoured woman looms over the entire battle but is unable to land many hitos on the party due to her speed
  • There are three soldiers equiped with various weapons who likewise have trouble reaching the party and end up mostly fighting several Ankhges
  • A dwarf with some sort of musket like wweapon grievously wounds several party membersand force the party backwards
  • There is also a invisible wizard that seems to be summoning various creatures
  • Finally a red headed woman stabs Imbasa and several others with her dueling sword
  • While the party is engaged a Ankheg had burst from the ground next to Nkechi and he struggled with the beast until it managed to crack his ribcage and he fell lifeless
  • The party decided to withdraw from the fight to regroup for a counter attack on their terms

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