From the ruin the party continues again upstream due north, now firmly in the Screaming jungle.

The party comes across a series of bodies, which they identify to be Sargavan soldiers, ripped apart. They quickly hear and see the reason, a gian Dire Ape, eyes oozing with black smoke, charges from the jungle. The party quickly slays it but then a shadowy demon appears from the body. It casts shadowy speels of which Tom takes the brunt of. After a long and bloody fight, they manage tho slay the demon, banishing it back to it's own plain. As it's evaporating the demon screams "Noooo! He promised me a body to roam this world foreveeeee...."

The battle had taken it's toll, Tom lies on the ground motionless and lifeless. The party now needs to make a decision whether to push on or return to the main expedition for reinforcements...

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