Hyödyllisiä varusteita aloitteleville Polunnäyttäjille

Tästä listasta voi poimia hahmolleen sopivia varusteita rahan ja kantokyvyn puitteissa. Tässä ei toki ole kaikki mahdolliset varusteet, vaan lähinnä sellaisia, joita aloitteleva seikkailija saattaa haluta mukaan.

Sallittujen esineiden lista löytyy täältä. Tarkemmat kuvaukset varusteista: Archives of Nethys,

Level: esineen taso (vaadittu hahmotaso esineen ostamiseen, jos eri kuin em.)
Bulk: L = light bulk, - = negligible bulk

Adventurer's Pack015 sp1Contains a backpack, a bedroll, 2 belt pouches, 10 pieces of chalk, flint & steel, 50 ft. of rope, 2 weeks' rations, soap, 5 torches and a waterskin.CRB
Climbing Kit05 sp1Includes rope, pulleys, pitons, a hammer, a grappling hook and a set of crampons.CRB
Healer's Tools05 gp1Required for most Medicine tasks.CRB
Repair Kit02 gp1Required to Repair items with Crafting.CRB
Thieves' Tools03 gpLRequired to Pick Locks or Disable Devices.CRB
Writing Set01 gpLCan be used to draft correspondence, write reports and scribe scrolls.CRB

Adventuring GearLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Crowbar05 spLRequired to Force Open doors or containers.CRB
Earplugs01 cp-+1 item bonus to Saves vs. auditory effects; -2 to auditory Perception.PSG
Pup Tent08 spLA small, single-person tent.CRB
Signal Whistle08 cp-Can be heard up to half a mile away.CRB
Snowshoes010 gp1Ignore difficult terrain caused by snow.PSG
Swim Fins05 gpLSwim 5 feet faster with Athletics check.WG
Winter Clothing04 spLReduce the negative effects of cold environments.CRB

Healing ItemsLevelPriceBulkHealing (average)HP/gpSource
Elixir of Life, MinorA13 gpL1d6 HP (3,5)1,167CRB
Elixir of Life, Minor530 gpL3d6+6 HP (16,5)0,55CRB
Healing Potion, Lesser14 gpL1d8 HP (4,5)1,125CRB
Healing Potion, LesserA312 gpL2d8+5 HP (14)1,167CRB
Scroll of Heal, Level 114 gpL1d8[+8] HP (4,5/12,5B)3,125BCRB
Scroll of Heal, Level 2312 gpL2d8[+16] HP (9/25B)2,083BCRB
A Paras hinta-laatusuhde kaikista parannusesineistä, loitsukääröjä lukuun ottamatta.
B Loitsu yhteen kohteeseen kahdella Actionilla.

Feather Token (Ladder)13 gp-Transforms into a 20-foot ladder.CRB
Feather Token (Holly Bush)26 gp-Transforms into a 5-foot bush with healing berries.CRB
Cat's Eye Elixir27 gpLHit concealed/hidden creatures better for 1 min.CRB
Crying Angel Pendant Talisman27 gp-Turns First Aid critical failure into normal failure.CRB
Silversheen26 gpLTurns a weapon or 10 ammo to silver for 1 hour.CRB
Potion of Water Breathing311 gpLBreathe underwater for 1 hour.CRB
Snapleaf Talisman39 gp-Gain Feather Fall and Invisibility when falling.CG
Moderate Darkvision Elixir411 gpLGain darkvision for 1 hour.CRB
Potion of Leaping521 gpLLeap 30 ft. in any direction for 1 minute.CRB
Lesser Sea Touch Elixir521 gpLGain swim speed 20 ft. for 10 minutes.CRB

Magic ItemsLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
WayfinderC2 (1)28 gp-Magical compass; cast Light at will; holds Aeon Stones.CRB
Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1)235 gp-+1 item bonus to attacks with unarmed strikes; can attach weapon runes & talismans.CRB
Doubling Rings350 gp-Replicates weapon runes onto secondary weapon.CRB
Pearly White Spindle Aeon Stone360 gp-Regain 1 HP/minute.PSG
Bag of Holding, Type I475 gp1Holds up to 25 bulk.CRB
C Pathfinder Societyn jäsenet saavat tämän ilmaiseksi toisen suoritetun tehtävän jälkeen.

Skill Bonus ItemsLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Hat of the Magi350 gp-+1 item bonus to Arcana; cast Prestidigitation at will.CRB
Bracelet of Dashing358 gpL+1 item bonus to Acrobatics; +10-ft. speed for 1 min 1/day.CRB
Coyote Cloak360 gp-+1 item bonus to Survival; feed 2x creatures with Subsist.CRB
Crafter's Eyepiece360 gp-+1 item bonus to Crafting; restore 15 HP to item with Repair.CRB
Pendant of the Occult360 gp-+1 item bonus to Occultism; cast Guidance at willCRB
Ventriloquist's Ring360 gp-+1 item bonus to Deception; cast Ventriloquism 1/day.CRB
Healer's Gloves480 gpL+1 item bonus to Medicine; heals 2d6+7 HP, 1/day.CRB
Lifting Belt480 gpL+1 item bonus to Athletics; carry 6+STR Bulk.CRB
Demon Mask485 gpL+1 item bonus to Intimidation; cast Fear 1/day.CRB
Diplomat's Badge5125 g-+1 item bonus to Diplomacy; +2 w/ Society check 1/day.CRB

Weapons & Weapon RunesLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
+1 Weapon Potency Rune235 gp-+1 item bonus to attacks with the weapon.CRB
Cold Iron Weapon, Low Grade240+ gpL+Counts as cold iron towards resistances and weaknesses.CRB
Silver Weapon, Low Grade240+ gpL+Counts as silver towards resistances and weaknesses.CRB
Returning Weapon Rune355 gp-Weapon returns to hand after being thrown.CRB
Striking Weapon Rune465 gp-Increase weapon damage dice to two.CRB
Ghost Touch Weapon Rune475 gp-Weapon does full damage to incorporeal creatures.CRB

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