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Broadcasted 2404.5

Sergetti empire may be divided in two!

GGW has been monitoring the situation between Sergetti Empire and Terran Confederation. Our sources in Terran Intelligence Corps have revieled us that Sergetti use "leaking news feeds" as a channel of diplomatic propaganda. Our sources gave us the frequencies of those transmission to be published here on GNN. As our viewers can see, most of the resent "leaked" news are aggressive, anti-Terran propaganda. The appearance of civilian news has all but ended. Obviously the press has been taken over by govermental forces. Previous reports of Queen Triana's insanity just before the so-called accident in Hwansul system has made some conspiracy theorists speculate on the possibility that all Sergetti are doing is part of internal propaganda mission identical to one that they accused Terran Confederation before.

Also , latest messages of Sergetti "outrage" on Terran defense mines made GNN try and reach Skymarshal Xaron Astran. Skymarshal, what is the situation on Hwansul?

"When our Science vessel Argus arrived at Hwansul system there was already a Sergetti minefield and Sergetti satellites present in the system. Sergetti Empire has previously tried to force us enter the system with only 150 kiloton scouting ships while they were going to bring in a fleet. In a situation like this we will use mines to protect non-combat spacecrafts."

Continuing conflicts between Sergetti Empire's words and actions has reached a point where speculations of Sergetti unity have started. Many sources have stated the possibility that the diplomatic affairs of the Empire and the military matters of Sergetti fleets are controlled by different parties or possibly even different subspecies. More rational sources have dismissed the notion. In their opinion the combination of irrational actions, words and "accidental news leeks" can very well be part of a complicated form of aggressive expansion. This would also fit previous information of aggressive and fast reproducing Sergetti.

The Confederation Government hasn't commented any of the speculations.

Broadcasted 2403.6

Sergetti Empire invades Terran space

One of the more advanced survivors of the Great War, xenophobic and sometimes aggressive Sergetti Empire, has used a collision accident between Sergetti and Terran ships as a smoke screen to enter Terran Space. Earlier Sergetti Empire made announcement claiming that Terran ship had attacked Sergetti ship on purpose. Terran officials deny any such claims and were willing to investigate the incident.

Sources in military command of Terran fleet tell us that diplomatic negotiations between Terran Confederation and Sergetti Empire leaders were still in progress and investigation to determinate the movements of ships and reasons for the collision only starting when multiple Sergetti ships entered the combined Terran-Eee-space. According to Terran sources, Sergetti Queen acted passionately, asking emotionally-charged questions and made illogical demands that delayed the diplomatic negotiations and distracting Terran border forces.

This event has lead many civilized political leaders to speculate if Sergetti have changed to a new invasive, warlike force during the two-hundred-year silence. The representative of Eee Consortium has made a following announcement:

[electrical humming]

Terran Confederation has made an ultimatum, demanding Sergetti forces to leave their space. The Sergetti have not yet responded.

The Galactic News Network will keep watching

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