Silver Crusader Ekewadu Oditobe a-Nantambu

In the civilized world, three institutions of magical study stand dominant - Magaambya, Quantium...and life.

Male Human (Zenj) Magus (myrmidarchUC) 14
Neutral Good Humanoid (human)
Muser, 4961-5
Xp 39
Faction Silver Crusade
Prestige/Fame 52/73

Init +9
Senses Perception +18, +22 while Mawasi is nearby

AC 27 [buff 32], touch 17[18], flat-footed 22[26]; (+5 dex, +10 armor, +1 insight, +1 def [+1 dodge, +4 shield])
hp 126 (14d8 + Con + fcb x8)
DR 3/- in heavy armor
Fort +19, Ref +17, Will +15, -2 vs. disease

Speed 20 ft. in armor
Ranged +1 adaptive seeking bow +21/+16 (1d10+8/20/x3, p/b)(+FCB)
Melee(arcane pool+Arcane Strike) +4 gsword +16/+11 (2d6+11/19-20/x2, s/p)
Ranged(ap+AS+heroism) +5 longbow +26/+21 (1d10+15/20/x3)(+/-PBS) +Manyshot
Ranged(RS+ap+AS+heroism) +5 longbow +24/+24/+19 (1d10+15/20/x3)(+/-PBS) +Manyshot
Ranged(+buffs[bs+gc+haste+wand) +5 longbow +28/+28/+28/+23 (2d8+17/19-20/x3)
Special Attacks Arcane pool (+4, 13 pts), Arcane Strike (+3), wpn training (+4)

Spells(defensive concentration +21)
5th (2/day)Ether Step, Teleport
4th (4/day)Brightest Light, Dimension Door, Gtr. Celestial Healing, Gtr. Invisibility, Ice Storm, Stoneskin, Wall of Sound
3rd (4/day)Clay Skin, Daylight, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Flame Arrows, Fly, Gaseous Form, Haste, Heroism, Phantom Steed, Versatile Weapon
2nd (6/day)Ablative Barrier, Alter Self, Blur, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Scorching Ray, Web
1st (6/day)Feather Fall, Frostbite, Gravity Bow, Grease, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, Reduce Person, Shield, Stone Fist, True Strike, Unseen Servant, Vanish
Cantrips (at will, 5 per day)All magus spells

Str 14, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 22, Wis 8, Cha 10
Base Atk +10/+5; CMB +12; CMD 30; +4 vs. disarm, sunder
Feats Point-blank Shot, Precise ShotB, Rapid Shot, Alertness (while Mawasi is nearby), Weapon Focus (longbow), Arcane StrikeB, Weapon Specialization (longbow), Manyshot, Grt. Wpn Focus (longbow)B, Advanced Weapon Training (Focused Weapon), Extra Arcana (reach spellstrike)
Skills (fcb x6) Acrobatics +9 [1], Fly +11 [3](+11 w/fly), Climb +6 [1] (+8 w/slippers), Intimidate +6 [3], Knowledge (arcana) +23 [14], Knowledge (dungeoneering) +23 [14], Knowledge (nature) +20 [14], Knowledge (planes) +23 [14] (+2 w/daemons& devils; +5 w/demons), Knowledge (religion) +20 [14], Linguistics +15 [9], Perception +18 [14](+4 if Mawasi is nearby), Spellcraft +23 [14], Swim +6 [1], Use Magic Device +18 [14] (+2 when activating wands)
Traits Magic is LifeAPG (faith trait), Quantium University GraduateISP (regional trait)
Languages Abyssal (int), Aklo (ling 3), Ancient Osirian (headband), Common, Celestial (int), Draconic (ling 4), Dwarven (ling 5), Elven (ling 6.) Hallit (ling 7), Jistkan (hband), Kelesh (int), Osirian (ling), Polyglot (ethnic), Read Lips (ling 9), Sylvan (int), Thassilonian (ling 2), Tien (ling 8)
SQ Arcane pool, bonus feat, cantrips, diminished spellcasting, skilled, spell combat, spellstrike, arcana (familiar: greensting scorpionUM named Mawasi, spell blending: gravity bow, heroism, reach spellstrike), ranged spellstrike, bonus feat, wpn training (bows, inspiring confidence), medium armor, fighter training, armor training 2(armored juggernaut), heavy armor

On person backpack (2 lb.), belt of constitution +4, cloak of resistance +5, cracked pink & green sphere, dweomermaster's apparati[mwk tool (umd when used to activate wands, one per item)], eyes of the eagle, gloves of dueling, greatsword, +3 mithral o-yoroi (27,5 lb.), headband of intelligence +6 (Perception, K(religion & nature), Ancient Osirian, Jistkan & Sylvan) (1 lb.), scholar's outfit (6 lb.), +1 adaptive holy seeking composite longbow (6 lb.) efficient quiver (40, 17 ci, 24 blunt, 10 blunt adamantine, 2 +1 demånbane, 2 +1 undödbane), oil of align weapon, rop +1, shining wayfinder[tourmaline sphere}, swarmbane clasp, cracked pale green prism(savet), pearl of power I
In backpack blanket (1 lb.), component pouch, ink, inkpen, lucky horseshoe, pathfinder's kit (9 lb.), rope (silken) (5 lb.), spellbook (91/100), scrolls, trail rations (2) (2 lb.), wand of aspect of the falcon (42 charges), wand of cure light wounds (18 charges), wand of magic missile (27 charges), Pathfinder Chronicles - Volume 14(+2 to identify demons and creatures of ze Abyss)
Immaterial 166 +2575
Encumbrance 61 lbs. without backpack, 43 lbs. with backpack (66 lbs. light/lbs. medium/x lbs. heavy)


  • Kassen's Blessing (boon from Crypt of Everflame)
  • Dragonkiller (Boon from Shades of of Ice part II, Exiles of Winter)
  • Gift of the Ghaele May use one of the following as a spell-like ability once (CL = character level): aid, detect thoughts, lesser restoration, see invisibility (Boon from Night March of Kalkamedes)
  • Study of Infinite Spells Although you were unable to learn spells directly from the book of Infinite Spells, the PFS rewarded you for the recovery of such a powerful artifact by allowing you access to its extensive spell libraries. Choose any number of spells of 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th level so long as the total spell levels do not add up to more than eight. You may scribe these spells into a spellbook or formulae book by paying only the scribing costs. [picked dimension door+stoneskin] (Boon from Fangwood Keep)
  • You Be Goblin! You have special insight into the distractible and sadistic mind of a goblin. You gain a +2 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against goblins. (Boon from We Be Goblins!)
  • Combat boon (Boon from ''Year of the Shadow Lodge special)
  • Scholar of the Gates Ajar You dared a peek inside the eldritch manuscript and the experience left you profanely enriched. +2 on Knowledge (planes) checks regarding daemons, demons and devils
  • Kassen's Boon (boon from City of Golden Death)
  • Bonekeep Malady Bonekeep gave you teh aids. -2 on saves vs disease ("Boon" from Bonekeep)
  • Mendevian commendation count 1
  • Champion of Ghalcor's Legacy Ollysta Zadrian was impressed by your valor. Halve the cost of Silver crusade faction vanities (minimun discount: 4). In addition reduce the Fame requirement of the Silver Crusader vanity to 30. (Boon from Weapon in the Rift)
  • Ghalcor's Spellcraft So long as you possess this boon, all your PFS characters have access to the following spells burst with light, detect demon, righteous blood (Boon from Weapon in the Rift)
  • Purification by the Sword You may add flaming to a weapon for 1 minute(or flaming burst if already flaming). This damage bypasses an evil outsider's fire resistance. (Boon from The Sealed Gate))
  • Demonic Scholar You gain a permanent +1 bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks when making checks regarding demons. (Boon from Pathfinder Tales: The Worldwound Gambit by R.D. Laws)
  • Hero of the Harrowed (Hammers) Guided by the harrow, you have proven your strength to the lore keepers who might save Korvosa. You can use the Hammers benefits listed on the Hero of the Harrowed Chronicle sheet. (Boon from Pathfinder AP CotCT, part IV: History of Ashes)
  • Shoanti Bond (Full Member) The Shoanti recognize you as a full member of the tribe. You gain a +1 bonus on Reflex saves and treat Acrobatics as a class skill. In addition, this Chronicle sheet grants you 2 additional Prestige Points (1 extra for PCs using the slow advancement option). (Boon from Pathfinder AP CotCT, part IV: History of Ashes)
  • Sklar-Quah Rites (Strength of Father Sun) You have received a Shoanti blessing that prepares you to face the undead. You can cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet to grant a touched weapon the undead-bane weapon special ability or a touched armor or shield the ghost touch armor special ability for 1 minute. Using this ability is a standard action, unless you target yourself, in which case it is a swift action.

(a-Nantambu, "Nantambulainen")

Vanities and Prestige Awards

  1. Beacon of Good: The Silver Crusade gives you a shining wayfinder (In addition to the usual functions of a wayfinder [including the ability to create light], a shining wayfinder can be used to cast detect evil—when so used, its needle points not to the north but rather to the nearest source of evil within 60 feet. Once per day, a shining wayfinder can be used to cast protection from evil [cl 3] upon the wayfinder’s bearer.) emblazoned with the emblem of a silver dragon. If you lose your shining wayfinder, you can purchase a new one for an additional 2 PP. Members of the Silver Crusade who are caught selling shining wayfinders for their own profit are exiled, and must switch factions. (Silver Crusade prestige award)
  2. Silver Crusader: You gain a +3 bonus on Intimidate checks against evil clerics and antipaladins. (ditto)

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ring of arcane mastery, 20k gp
cloak +5, 9k gp
holy bow, 14k gp
+3 mithral o-yoroi, 19,7k gp(AC 27
headband +6 [Knowledge (nature) ja sylvan], 20k gp
portable hole'', 20k gp


Oditoben suvun Ekewadu tunnetaan paitsi lyhyestä pituudestaan, niin myös poluttajalle varsin poikkeuksellisesta kunniantunnostaan. Nantambu, edellämainitun kotikaupunki keskellä synkintä Mwangia, on jo muinaisista ajoista asti toiminut eräänlaisena hyvyyden esitaistelijoiden tukikohtana. On sanomattakin selvää että kaupungin historiallinen asema Velhoukko Yatemben kotipaikkana on uurtanut paikallisiin selvän käsityksen hyvästä ja pahasta. Ekewadustakaan ei polvi pahene, vaan hän on varsin kummallinen komeljanttari muuten niin kunnian-, ellei peräti verenhimoisessa taiankäyttäjien yhteisössä, jona Sisämeren thaumaturgiset piirit tunnetaan.

Ilkeät kielet toisinaan löpöttävät että miekkosen varhaisvuosia varjostavat eräät vähemmän lailliset maagiset kokeilut, ja onhan moni irvaillut myös tämän omistautumista aseiden käytölle "puhtaan" magian sijaan, mutta Ekewadu ei ota näitä kuuleviin korviinsa. Hän on nähnyt niin Nexin vankiloiden eristyssellit kuin Mzalin seitsemän auringon rituaalit ja sanoo aina valinneensa vain rauhan ja empatian polut. Välillä tosin ylpeän velhon puhtoinen pinta rakoilee ja rankka stressi pilkistää näistä uurteista, mutta hän tietää kuinka vakuuttavalta vihainen 155-senttinen mies oikein voikaan näyttää, joten hepun tulistuminen yleensä lakkaa ennen kuin se on alkanutkaan.


Zenjimaagin vartta koristaa isohko karvakuontalo, josta näkyvin osa lienee tämän pitkä palmikkojen sarja jolla lähes vyötärönmittainen tukka on sidottu kiinni. Partaa hänellä on myös melkoisesti, mutta se on muotoiltu kompaktiksi kimpuksi ja, Ekewadulle vakiintuneeseen garundityyliin sopivasti, siististi öljytty. Toisinaan Oditoben nuorta vesaa luullaan etnisyydeltään mauxiksi, Osirionin mwangiksi, johtuen tämän mieltymyksestä kaapuihin, mutta Ekewadu vakuuttaa että kyseessä on vain tyylillinen valinta ja että hän voisi yhtä hyvin suosia vaikkapa molthunelaista landsknecht-tyyliä, pussihousuineen!

Maailmanhaava karaisi Ekeä melkoisesti, ehtipä hän jopa kuollakin, vaikkakin taitavan papin läsnä ollessa moinen kohtalo oli lyhytkestoinen, joten tätä nykyä mies on pragmatisoinut pukeutumistaan. Kaapu vaihtui Nidalin keikalla nahkaiseen kolttuun ja karvakuontalo varisi Sumujenmeren lahteen ettei kukaan vain saisi siitä otetta taistelun tuoksinassa. Eken päälakea kruunaa nyt puolipitkä kihara pehko ja leukaperiä helposti hoidettava pujoparta. Ainoastaan keikarimainen monivärinen huivi kaulalla muistuttaa vanhasta komeljantterista.

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