After the Cannibal that ambushed the heroes is dealth with, the group gathers up at the top of the small ridge. The camp is small but maintained suggesting that it is frequently used. The camp it self yields no resources so the group continue forward. After dealing with a few more traps, a crossroads is encountered. Following the tried and true go right approach, the survivors head right. A few more traps during the day and the monotony of travel is interrupted by a scream. As the group quickly decide that this is the "help I'm going to get eaten" type of scream they rush into the jungle towards the source, Krondike as the vanguard..

As Krondike quickly hacks and cuts through the jungle he arrives in a small clearing in the jungle. He sees a huge spider, wrapping a humanoid into a coccoon of web. Reacting swiftly he throws a throwing axe at the spider, but it bounces harmlessly of it's scales. At the same time he charges towards the spider roaring mightly, followed by the rest of the party. At first it seemed that the spiders carapace was too hard to crack, but as it was moving to devour Eugene, others got the chance to hit it hard and crack it's tough hide. The spider scittered to the top of the leaves, only to crash down moments later, dead from the bleeding wounds inflicted on it by Eugene.

Once the spider was vanquished Eugene hopefully opens the cocoon, only to be greeted by a hairy mans face. The man is quickly identified as a another Cannibal by his attire and equipment. As soon as morning came the man had recovered enough strength to talk and proved to be as equally crazy as previous one. Once Bertram confirmed that he is indeed evil, he summarily executed him for his sins. Kyra seemed a little stunned by this and was left speechless by Bertams judgement.

Shipwreck and zombies

After the goo nights rest the party ventures onwards. Again after some traps that were more or less successfully disarmed, another crossroads comes. And again they turn right. After many hours and a crossed river, they reach the western edge of the island. They can see the dreadfully looming purple island to the north and some shipwrecks within a few miles. They also find several knotted ropes and vines that descend to a rocky shallow. Tom identifies that the location is a good location for oysters to grow and Krondike and Eugene immediately think of pearls. After a couple of delicious oysters they give up though, not finding any pearls. The journey continues towards a nearby shipwreck.

After wading in the shallows for a while the group reaches the shipwreck. The ships name, Bloodwing, clearly visible. The toppled over mast gives easy access to the deck of the ship. The plank creak and crack ominously but hold the party's weight. Krondike hears sound coming from the cabin and rushes in, deciding to kick in the door. Unfortunately, his foot swiftly goes through the door and he is stuck for a moment. A trio of javelins greet Krondike and the rusty pointy heads are mere inches away from his nose. Not discouraged by this, he rushes through the door with Betrams help and begins to combat three surprisingly agile zombies hat are also using weapons and communicating. As more and more move into the cabin the floor can take no more and the entire cabin falls down to the bottom of the ship. The quick skirmish ends though swiftly in the heroes victory.

The spoils of the ship show that it was a slave ship, cages filled with shackled skeletal remains of the unlucky souls bear witness. As the party scavenge the ship Bertram finds a wooden holy symbol of a demonlord and decides to destroy it. As soon as he does it, the ship begins to shake violently, forcing the party the abort the scavenging. As soon as everyone has escaped the wreck, it falls apart and lights ablaze in bright reddish orange flame. Clearly not a natural phenomena.

Next the group starts to move towards a next wreck but quickly abandon the plan as night is approaching and the journey to the ship seemed perilous. They return to the top of the cliff with the ropes and make camp nearby.


The following day they return back to the crossroad and turn to the westward path. The path takes them towards a stonetower which they decide to investigate. A trail of smoke noticed by Kyra alerts them that there might be someone. Eugene is sent ahead to scout the way. As he sneaks along the path he is startled by a huge tethered Shocker lizard that begins to scream loudly. The rest of the party rush to Eugene as a pair of Cannibals emerge from the direction of the tower.

The party quickly engage the two men and they are quickly taken down but the main force then arrives. The fight is furious, with Krondike and Eugene fighting back to back, trying to hold the mass of enemies at bay. The released lizard also bites and shocks the pair viciously. Slowly though enemies are felled and a victory is in sight until the apparent leader of the enemy arrives, carrying two massive swords on his shoulders. It seems inhumanly possible that he could swing the swords, but he engages Krondike on mortal combat. Slashing a grieveous wound on him, he lowers his weapons and smears Krondikes blood all over him, howling crazily and ignoring the wounds Krondike is inflicting upon him. Mean while the remainder of the party is being heldback but the mass of enemies, unable to help Krondike or Eugene, who is still fight right next to Krondike protecting his back. Blow after blow Krondike and the red enemy exhange to each other but Krondike, being exhausted by his wounds, lowers his guard but for a moment and the great sword slashes his flesh for the last time, cleaving him in two. Krondike smiles as he falls to darkness, thinking this is a good death and Gorum will be honored by it. Eugene also falls to the ground, his ankle crushed by the lizards mighty jaws and weak from bloodloss.

Meanwhile Betram Kyra and Tom desperately try to push back the tide of enemies, Bertram swinging his trysty warhammer, Kyra slashing with her scimitar and praying Sarenrae for power to help her friend. Tom throws bomb after bomb, and the explosion fill the air with the smell of burnt flesh and sulfur. But as both Krondike and Eugene fall, unmistakenly perished, Bertram takes the hard decision and tells everyone to run, the fight is lost. The trio runs and for a moment seems they manage to leave the savages behind, but then they see the red giant running after them. Tom tells Kyra and Betram to rush into the jungle and that he'll hold him off. The two exhange glances and dive in. Tom casually lights all of his remaining bombs and runs to the red giant. Before he manages to do anything to this surprising turn of event, he bombs detonate simultaniously.

Fallen heroes

A violent explosion rocks the jungle and birds rush up from the nearby trees in flocks. Kyra and Bertram just run forwards, ignoring cuts, scrapes and bruises caused by the jungle. After hours of running, both are exhausted but it seems that there is now pursuit for the moment. Both grimly know that good men were lost this day and they shall be avenged. Time to plan their next course of action.


Eugene, Krondike and Tom wake up with a jolt simultaniously. Each vividly remembering the happenings described above. Soon though each begin to remember what truly happened. The battle began as the dream progressed. However, as the main cannibal forced arrived a small group approached from he back as well, a hunting party most likely. Eugene and Tom turned to fight the new threat while Bertram, Kyra and Krondike fought the main force. A thunderstorm erupts seemingly out of nowhere and torrential rain and gusts of wind hit the combatants. In the flurry of battle, Bertram got separated from the others, hearing the explosions of Tom's bombs and cries of agony caused by Eugene's blades. Soon Bertram didn't have time to listen as the monstrous hulking giant of a man forced him to focus only on himself. The giant swords swung again and again, not giving Bertram a chance to attack. His arms felt numb by the sheer force of the blows he blocked. A cry of pain from Kyra, as a spear is thrust into her side, distracts Bertram for an instant. A costly instant, as one of the massive blades skirt along his shield and cuts a long wounds across Bertram's thigh. Blood seeps through the wound and he feels weakened suddenly. Bertram quickly knows time is running out and the battle must be ended. Mustering all the strength he has, he bellows from the bottom of his soul, "Abadaaar!", as he throws away his shield and lunges at the giant. The giant quickly tries to swing his sword to end Bertram's life, but is too slow, only slicing a deep cut into his arm, shattering the bones in it. Bertram simply ignores the pain and charges on. The mighty warhammer and the holy symbols on it glow with bright light and Bertram swings it with all his might. A flash of bright light comes as he hits the giant in the chest, sending it flying several meters before landing on its back. The force of the strike was so powerful that everyone on the field were knocked prone by it.

Run you fools!

As Krondike and others look up in a moment, a moment of calm besets the battlefield and only a soft rain and a column of light shines upon Bertram. Bertrams one arm is slagging against his body, broken in many places. One of the massive blades is sunk deep into his shoulder. He falls to his knees, knowing his fate but yet, still he smiles. He gives one last look to his companions and says softly "Run you fools", and collapses to the ground. Much to the surprise of Krondike's and others, they simply do as he told them to, run, as if compelled by some unknown force. Everyone runs into the jungle, as the storm picks up again. Hours pass as everyone keeps running, ignoring pain and fatigue until they reach a clearing, that feels oddly safe, and everyone simply passes out as the toll of fatigue and grief overcomes their bodies.


  • All gear from Bertram lost for the moment.
    • Bertram gear:
      • Holy warhammer "Forgekey"
      • light crossbow
      • 20 bolts
      • Breastplate
      • Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield
      • Map of mwangi expanse
      • Coins: 96 gp 7 sp 7 cp
      • Backpack: Bedroll (5 lbs), Flint and Steel, Waterskin (4 lbs), Map Case (0,5 lbs), Thread (50 ft) (0,5 lbs), Sewing Needle
  • Bloodwing loots are with their respective characters inventories
    • To be added

Old Lootz

  • Bearded Harpy
    • Coins
      • 11 gp
    • Magic Items
      • Potion of remove fear
      • Scroll of Eagle's Splendor
      • Wand of Aspect of the Falcon
      • Wand of Inflict Light Wounds
    • Stuff
      • 2 Amphoras of Vinegar ( 80 lb)
      • Artisan's Tools (5lb)
      • Bottle of Olive Oil (used in cooking)
  • Windwar
    • Coins & Gems
      • 6 sp
      • 74 gp
      • Chrysoberyl
      • Citrine
      • Opal
      • Rose Quartz
    • Equipment
      • Masterwork Chainmail
      • Masterwork Falchion (Krondike?)
      • Masterwork Light Crossbow (Kyra)
      • Masterwork Longsword
      • Breastplate
      • Heavy Steel Shield
    • Magic Items
      • 2 x Oil of Light (Eugene)
      • Potion of Reduce Person
      • Scroll of Resistance
    • Stuff
      • Bag of 20 Sling Bullets (Kyra)
      • Bottle of Vinegar (4lb)
      • 4 x Grappling Hook
      • Hammer (2lb)
      • 2 x Riding Saddle (25lb)
      • 2 x Small Magnet (1lb) (Tom)
  • Scallywag
    • Coins & Gems
      • 13 cp
      • 22 sp
      • 52 gp
      • 30 pp
      • Black Pearl
      • Chrysoberyl
      • Citrine
      • Jasper
      • Lapis Lazuli
      • Onyx
      • Rhodochrosite
      • Sardonyx
      • Sardonyx
    • Other valuables
      • Copper scepter with gold inlay
      • Decorated silver plate
      • Gold bowl with dragon engravings
      • Ivory drinking horn with copper ends
      • Silver bowl with lion engravings
      • Silver brazier with religious markings (Torag)
    • Equipment
      • Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (Bertram)
      • Masterwork Light Pick
      • 2 x Masterwork Longsword
    • Stuff
      • Amphora of Common Wine (80 lb)
      • Anvil (200 lb)
      • 2 x Armchair (10 gp)
      • Bottle of Brandywine (4 lb)
      • 13 x Box of 20 Arrowheads (1 lb)
      • 11 x Box of 20 Candles (1 lb)
      • Chariot (200 lb)
      • 7 x Clay Tankard (2 lb)
      • 2 x Common Wig
      • 10 x Courtier's Outfit (6 lb)
      • Desk
      • Explorer's Outfit (8 lb)
      • 9 x Glasscutter
      • Iron Bar (5 lb)
      • 10 x Ladder (10') (20 lb)
      • Noble's Outfit (10 lb)
      • Piton (1/2 lb)
      • Pouch of Tobacco (1 lb)
      • Sack (1/2 lb)
      • 11 x Sack of rotten Wheat (50 lb)
      • Shrine (Torag)
      • 14 x Sledge (10 lb)
      • Small Cask of Dried Figs (8 lb)
      • Small Cask of Oil (5 lb)
      • 2 x Small Magnet (1 lb)
      • 2 x Tongs (2 lb)
      • Vial of Ink
      • 12 x Wedge of Cheese very rotten cheese (4 lb)
      • 4 x Wooden Holy Symbol (torag)
  • Treasurepit
    • Coins
      • 3500 cp
      • 2000 sp
      • 1000 gp
      • 50 pp
    • A pouch of Garnets and Amethysts (not appraised, see page 21 for value when appraised)
    • Bejeweled Masterwork cold iron starknife
    • Masterwork very nice looking darkwood buckler
    • Mithral watertight scrollcase
    • 1 scroll (not read yet)
  • Ruined camp
    • Magical dagger with Red Mantis insignia's (Eugene)
  • Cannibal ambush camp
    • Potion of cure moderate wounds

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