After the parties retreat, they return the their canoes and camp a little bit down stream for the rest of the day. They ponder for a while should they return at all but ultimately curiosity and possibility of treasure as well as sense of obligation to Shambula they agree to return to the ruin.

The next day they return to find the floating crystal they left behind laying on the ground, lifeless. Also a very distinct trail of foot prints of various sizes leave from the entrance westward. The group presses on into now dark ruinm no longer lit by torches as before. They find the same dead as before, except the bodies of the humans they killed, but they do see bloody drag marks on the ground. Also the remains of what seem to be Dum-Hed, the Kobold that helped the party, lie broken on the ground seemingly killed as a traitor.

As they explore the ruin, they discover a number of ransacked items, a room with traps which Eugene disarms after taking a few hits. Living quarters which apparently belonged to several Kobolds. The group decide to leave a ominous adorned dragon head motiffed door well alone. They also find a dungeon, which houses another one of the large creatures, this one speared through the prison bars. The creature holds a crystal, which according to Shambula is some sort of recording device. He says he needs a little while to study it to uncover the message.

The exploration continues to a different direction in the ruin and they discover a chasm with greenish glow which they do not approach yet. There is also a side passage which leads to a well constructed room, that houses a metallic arch of similar design and make as the crystal and orb outside, as well as the armor of the large creatures.

The group decide to leave the arch alone and as they are heading back to the main art of the ruin, Eugene notices a very well hidden door he missed the first time. What could be hidden behind it....

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